Highlights 2018

The 2018 highlights at a glance. Aus Liebe zum Duschen. Kermi.

Kermi shower design always goes by the motto UNLIMITED // GRENZENLOS - the walk-in showers from Kermi. Exciting innovations in shower design are the focal point, making them walk-in so that they can be used by all generations. The elegant Kermi shower enclosures provide a number of interesting features, are easy to install and can be individually adapted to structural limitations and personal preferences.

PEGA The charming beauty.

The new folding and sliding door range PEGA is impressive with its exclusive technical and optical features and a unique price-performance ratio.

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RAYA The slimline one with a glossy new appearance.

As of April 1, 2018, the RAYA folding door program will impress you with it design of silver matt profiles, with handles, joints, and connections in classy chrome.

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DIGA The first class hinged folding door.

The new DIGA program consists purely of hinged folding doors. With an optional extra handle on the first door panel without any surcharge from KermiEXTRA.

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NICA The quintessential sliding door.

The sliding door with straight lines and reliable soft-open and soft-close comfort also available from June 1, 2018 as a WALK-IN and BATHTUB solution.

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WALK-IN standard models

BATHTUB standard models

LIGA All doors are now open to you.

As requested: LIGA now available with new standard widths for wet floor system with doors and new standard height for a folding screen over the bathtub.

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TUSCA The sensuous agile one.

Once again new features for TUSCA with its award-winning design: Vertical comfort handle from KermiEXTRA and fixed wall fitting inside or out, without any surcharge.

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WALK-IN XB The elegant variable.

The new WALK-IN XB Wall simplifies bathroom planning every time with the options of wall or ceiling attachment during installation.

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POINT XXL The customization board - it fits.

After the introduction of the prize-winning LINE XXL customization board, there is now also the POINT XXL customization board with a short delivery time and a slimline price.

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POINT E90 The standard-compliant total solution.

Ideal in new-builds and during renovation: the complete Point E90 shower board with standardized drain outlet and water trap height, yet only requiring a total installation height of 90 mm.

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