Aerial view of Kermi headquarters in Plattling

History Success from output


Company founded as a workshop by the partners KERschl and SchMIdt for manufacturing heating oil tanks.

Historic picture of KERschl & SchMIdt craft enterprise - Kermi (1960)
Historic picture of a Kermi heating oil tank (1960s)


Start of production of steel panel radiators.

Early Kermi steel panel radiators
Historic aerial view of Kermi headquarters in Plattling (1973)
Historic picture of Kermi production (1977)


Expansion of the factory by the first fully automatic production line for steel panel radiators.


Takeover by the Salzgitter Group.

Historic Kermi shower enclosure advertisement (1976)
Historic advertisement for Kermi shower enclosures - children playing in the bath


Setting up the Shower Enclosure business sector.


Introduction of the NT 2000 V-Compact radiator with an integrated valve fitting.

Due to the rapid success of the product, the location was already extensively expanded and upgraded by the end of the '80s.

Historic advertisement for Kermi radiators - mother and child in living room
Historic aerial view of Kermi headquarters and production facility in Plattling (1987)


First steel panel radiator models specially adapted for use in the bathroom are presented to the market.

Fusion of Salzgitter AG and PREUSSAG AG. Kermi GmbH is now part of the PREUSSAG Group.

One of the first Kermi steel panel radiator models specially for bathrooms (1989)
Kermi Infocenter in Plattling


Kermi paves the way with the new Infocenter. As an exemplary forum for presentation, training, and interaction.

Historische Luftaufnahme des Kermi-Hauptsitzes in Plattling (1993)
Example of a Kermi bathroom and design radiator


A completely new steel panel radiator factory with fully automatic production lines and a paint shop come on stream.


Start of production for bathroom and design radiators.

Historic picture of Kermi s.r.o. in Stribro, Czech Republic (1996)
Kermi convectors and heating panels


Kermi s.r.o. with manufacturing was founded in Stribro in the Czech Republic.


Convectors and heating panels are included in the product range.


Market introduction of the Kermi all-glass shower enclosure programme

A modern Kermi shower enclosure from the all-glass range (2000)
A modern Kermi shower enclosure from the all-glass range (2000)


Kermi expands their heating technology competence with the x-net underfloor heating system.

Gaining international market presence and expanding the product programme over the last decade involved extensive expansion of development, production, logistics, and administration.

Since 01.07.2001, Kermi has been part of AFG Arbonia-Forster Holding AG with its headquarters in Arbon/Switzerland.


Kermi x-net underfloor heating system in dining room
Aerial view of Kermi headquarters and production facility in Plattling (2001)


Extensive expansion of Kermi s.r.o. Stribro in the areas of production and logistics.


Introduction of the therm-x2 with innovative, energy-saving x2-technology in multi-layer radiators with valves with a centre connection.

Aerial view of Kermi subsidiary in Stribro, Czech Republic
Kermi therm-x2 domestic radiator in living room


Generously proportioned walk-in glass units open up new possibilities in a young, growing trend market.

Kermi Walk-In XX with ceiling supports


Introduction of the innovative x2-technology in all multi-layer radiators with valves.

Kermi radiator with therm-x2 technology


50 million times quality and innovation from Lower Bavaria. In the even rhythm of the welding line, the 50 millionth steel panel radiator rolled off the production lines at Kermi in Plattling in 2008.

50 million Kermi radiators sold
50 years of Kermi


50 years of Kermi – 50 years of innovation, design, and quality. Originally founded as a workshop , today Kermi is one of the leading suppliers of heating technology and shower solutions in Europe.

Kermi anniversary newspaper

Luftaufnahme des Kermi Hauptsitzes und Produktion in Plattling (2010)
Kermi wet floor system Point - Detailed picture


The "shower enclosure" section is expanded by the "wet floor system" business sector.

Kermi celebrates 10 million shower enclosures


Quality, Service, Design – Shower competence made by Kermi - 10 million times. On 02.05.2011, Kermi was able to celebrate an amazing anniversary with the production of the ten millionth shower enclosure.

Kermi x-change heat pump


A milestone is set with the presentation of the Kermi x-optimised heating system . Kermi enters the segments of heat source, heat storage and heating control, allowing them to offer everything from a single source, right up to heat transfer.

Entrance area of Kermi Campus at headquarters in Plattling


Inauguration of the new Kermi seminar centre: Campus at the company headquarters in Plattling.

In 2014 the expansion work in the logistics area was completed.


The x-well domestic ventilation provides a comfortable climate in all rooms - the ideal extension in the Kermi x-optimised heating system.


Kermi Smart Home. Expansion of the x-optimised system by new, intelligent control products. The key component in the new Homeserver x-center base, via which all building technology components can be controlled and programmed.


Completion of comprehensive investments in manufacturing & logistics for shower design and thermal comfort.

Like the product range, the Kermi factory premises in Plattling has grown over the years.

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